These pendulums are meant to provide the user with a way of connecting to loved ones who have passed. An important part of the grieving process is acceptance of death and reaching out to loved ones can help to comfort those in mourning and ease the mind. Each element used along the strand has been chosen specifically for its qualities in relation to Spirit Work and Coping with Grief.


Peridot - A healing stone that aides in coping with grief, easing depression, and comforting the spirit.

Gold Hematite - Promotes healing of emotional pain and diffuses negative energies surrounding the user.

Black Agate - A calming stone that helps to protect from unwanted spirits interfering with communication.


This pendulum is designed for use with a pendulum board, but of course can still be used just as any other pendulum too. Tap into its energy to help you answer questions, find lost items, connect with guides, etc.


***Please note that these pendulums have a sharp point***


Total Length: Approx. 24cm or 9.5"

Memento Mori Pendulum