These pendulums are the perfect companion for chakra balancing and reiki work. The quartz pendants act as natural amplifiers that while help to guide and focus the energies during a balancing session. Each gemstone along the strand has been chosen specifically for its qualities in relation to each chakra.


Crown - Clear Quartz - Expands consciousness, heightens spiritual awareness, promotes clarity.

Third Eye - Amethyst - Promotes psychic abilities, naturally relieves stress, protection of the inner self

Throat - Sodalite - Aids in communication, calms social panic and anxiety, develops intuition.

Aventurine - Soothes emotions, increases tenderness, healing emotional trauma.

Solar Plexus - Citrine - Eases depression, enhances confidence, encourages creative expression.

Sacral - Carnelian - Promotes sexual healing, bolsters creativity and passion, aids in breaking away from abusive cycles.

Garnet - Perfect for grounding and root work, blood disorders, manifestation and willpower.


This pendulum can of course still be used just as any other pendulum too. Tap into its energy to help you answer questions, find lost items, connect with guides, etc.


Total Length:  Approx. 25cm or 9.75"

Balance Pendulum - Gold