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Week 2: Witch Movie Countdown - 31 Days of Halloween

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

Hello my lovely little witches! And if you don't think you're a witch, just remember the infamous words of Aunt Jet "There's a little witch in all of us." We're officially in week two of October, and I'll be the first to admit that I've already had a pumpkin spice latte. Autumn makes me basic.

We're going to head straight into the binge-watching, so get your schedules cleared! And just remember, this list is not in order of best or worst, but instead a mash up some classic favorites with the occasional obscure film thrown in to create the perfect playlist for your October.


Day 5: The Wicker Man (1973)

No, not the one with Nicholas Cage. You're welcome. This is probably my all-time favorite witchy film. Short of the ritual sacrifice at the end, it's one of the truest representations of Neo-Paganism and its practice. Oh, and did I mention that the King of SummersIsle is none other than the late Christopher Lee? Yeah, that's how amazing this movie is. Besides, If you're a fan of 70's nudity, than this is the film for you.

An officer travels to Summersisle in search of a missing girl. Once there he quickly encounters the strange reality that is a remote Pagan island.


Day 6: Witchcraft (1964)

Do you like watching the dead rise from their demolished crypts? Or covens of witches conducting black magic rites? How about killing off your enemies one by one? Well have I got a film for you.

This movie has the whole Romeo and Juliet vibe to it. If Romeo's family had buried Juliet's ancestor alive for being a witch that is. Throw in the damsel in distress trope and you've got this classic! Bonus: Lon Chaney!


Day 7: Bell, Book, and Candle (1958)

I personally love this movie because anything Jack Lemmon touched was gold. Even better when he's a warlock who wants to make a quick buck. Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak aren't too hard to look at either.

We've all had that person we admire from afar, only to find out that they're taken. Right? Well, just imagine that you could cast a love spell and make that little situation disappear. This is exactly what Gillian does. But witches who fall in love will lose their powers! What's a girl to do?


Day 8: 5ive Girls (1998)

The perfect blend of biblical references, predictable horror plot lines, and blatant erotic overtones. What else could you expect when you send "troubled" girls to a Catholic boarding school? This movie gets my two thumbs up.

The biblical "Legion" lurks in a Catholic reform school. One that has a grand total of 5 students. Ron Perlman's character tries his best to help out the girls, but mostly just staggers around drunk. They soon find out they each have special powers, and they fight Legion head-on.


Day 9: The Last Keepers (2013)

Honestly, it's the adults that make this movie. They seem like real people, whereas the kids seem like very boring characters. But maybe that's just me getting old. There is a realism to this film that I really enjoy. I mean, obviously there's magical powers (because that seems to be a necessity in Hollywood witch films.) But overall I really enjoyed getting to experience a nice Pagan family film.

Rhea Carver, lives the dream life I wanted growing up. Her family consists of Pagan artists who live out in the woods. I don't know about you, but that's perfection right there. She falls in love and discovers her secret powers. Fairly standard plotline, but I highly recommend watching this feel-good film.


Weekend Binge : Harry Potter Saga

The Sorcerer's Stone (2001) -

The Deathly Hallows (2011)

Every time I sit down to marathon the Harry Potter series I see this image of Professor McGonagall in my head. She's judging us guys. With good reason. Once I start, I can't look away. This is one of those marathons that takes some dedication! But I'm sure there's some well of emergency energy deep inside all of us to draw from in case of a Harry Potter weekend.

I am not about to explain the plot of Harry Potter. That would take way too much of my time. But just in case you've been living under a Pogrebin for the past 20 years and survived, just take a look at the trailer. For the rest of you, have you ever wondered what a trailer for the entire saga would look like? Look no further:

And no matter how much ol' McGonagall judges us for wasting this time we should use for studying, rest assured that deep down she's really proud of us for our dedication. 10 points to Gryffindor!!


I hope this ongoing list is turning out to be everything you've wished for. And in the wonderful words of Officer Gary Hallet "You know what? I wished for you too." How did you like the movies from week one? Was there anything new that you hadn't seen before? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!

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