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Week 1: Witch Movie Countdown - 31 Days of Halloween

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

If you're anything like me, by the time midnight rolls around on Sept. 30 you're already on your couch, in your tallest pointy hat, with a playlist of witchy movies ready to go on the tv screen. If that's the case, we should be best friends. But also, you're probably tired of rotating the same 5 movies throughout the month. This is where I fly in on my broomstick to save the day!

This list is not in order of best or worst, but instead a mash up some classic favorites with the occassional obscure film thrown in to create the perfect playlist for your October.


Day 1: Four Rooms (1995)

Two names: Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. You really can't go wrong. This movie just has it all! Comedy, romance, drama, and just the right amount of antics.

It's Ted's first day on the job as the bellhop for Hotel Mon Signor. Come along with him on his encounters with a coven of witches, a high stakes game of Zippo lighting, and more!


Day 2: Practical Magic (1998)

I wanted to include this one in the first list in honor of the Full Blood Super Moon we got to witness on the 27th of last month. I know I wasn't the only one digging around for my tiger's eye as soon as I heard it was coming!

The story of two witches journey for love and acceptance. With a dash of murder and intrigue thrown into the mix. There's a reason this is on everyone's witch list.

For those that haven't witnessed the iconic film that is Practical Magic, here's the trailer:


Weekend Binge : Housewitches

Bewitched (2005)

I'm pretty sure we all grew up watching Samantha trying to magically balance her life between her confused husband, her shifty mother, and the housework. So whenever you get the chance, go and watch the entire original series. But for those of us pressed for time this weekend, let's stick to the 2005 movie based on the series. It's got all the fun of the original, with a modern Hollywood twist to it.

In this modern take on Samantha's story, we see her get pulled into the world of acting on a television series. When she meets Will Farrell's character, the romantic comedy ensues.

I Married A Witch (1942)

Family lineage curses, potions, and awesome 1940's camera tricks. Need I say more?

A witch curses the men of the Wooley line, dooming them all to marry the wrong woman. Jump ahead 250 years to when she's freed from her prison and gives the youngest descendant a potion that makes him fall in love with her. Of course, no spell ever turns out as you plan...

The Witches of Eastwick (1987)

Have you ever felt so unfulfilled without a man in your life that you fall for the devil? Me either. But I gotta say, if that devil were Jack Nicholson, and I had hair like Cher's, I might just fall too.

And that's pretty much the plot. Three women dream up the man of their dreams, and Jack Nicholson's character courts and seduces them. It's wonderful, strange, and you just have to see it to believe it.


So there you have it, a list of movies to help get you through the excitement of the first witchy week of October. Obviously the next few lists will be longer since they will be full weeks. I hope you enjoyed it, and feel free to leave comments below telling me what you thought of my picks and which movies you'd like me to brew into the potion of my upcoming lists!

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