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A person 'hops the twig' the same way one 'kicks the bucket', or 'meets their maker'. It’s a lesser used euphemism for death or the act of dying. Some sources believe the phrase has a Pagan background, but the true origin is unknown.

Many modern pagans will hop the broom at their Handfasting, symbolizing the crossing over from one phase of life into the next. Hopping the twig mirrors this cycle of life, by passing through the veil of life and death.

Here at Hop the Twig we are creating a space that facilitates discussion of subjects that are typically considered taboo. We believe topics that seem mysterious such as death, divination, magick, and their intersections can be demystified through communication. 


Death Positivity - We’re all going to die, so why are we all so afraid to talk about it? We believe that discussion and developing a more comfortable relationship with death in our lives, guides us to prepare for that ultimate end. And that with proper preparation we take away the burden too often left on loved ones.

Witchcraft - Our approach to witchcraft is entirely non-theistic. We believe that magick is a universal tool that all humans can work with regardless of their religious belief. Of course we will discuss theism within witchcraft, as well as various Gods & Goddesses. However, we will not push one belief system over another.

Spirituality & Science - We live in a world that is constantly dividing science and spirituality. We think that the two can co-exist in perfect harmony. Today's science is the magick of the past. So what is magick if not unexplained science?

Useful Arts & Traditional Processes - All of our products are created with the intent of use. We offer beautiful pieces of art that can be displayed, but ultimately are meant to be taken off of the shelf and utilized in your daily practice.

Education - We're here to shed light on topics that have been kept in the shadows. Through raising awareness, promoting discussion, and sharing opinion. We're looking forward to learning and growing with you as we move forward. Thank you so much for joining us on this journey!

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